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Tallah are now a Disney covers band called Talladdin

(Image credit: Tallah)

Following their knockout debut album Matriphagy – which dropped in October last year – it appears Tallah have had a stylistic change of heart.

In a shock announcement, the Pennsylvania nu-core upstarts have revealed they will henceforth be a Disney covers band, and will perform under the moniker Talladdin.

Kicking off proceedings under their new (almost) family-friendly image, the band have dropped their debut self-titled EP, a five-track collection of covers from the Aladdin soundtrack.

It's a surprising change in artistic direction for the group, but Tallah purists fear not: the rebranding has done little to dilute their heavier-than-hell sound.

Okay, you've probably figured out this is just an April Fools' Day prank, and Talladdin is not really a thing. But the Talladdin EP? That is very much real. Take a listen to its first single Friend Like Me below:

“Max loves Aladdin, and Justin is a walking, breathing, Disney villain, so, we thought, ‘nothing would be more perfect than to cover the entire soundtrack to Aladdin and release it for fun on April Fool's Day,’” the band say. “The entire thing was already basically in drop A tuning, so, all we had to do was add some chugs, China cymbal, squealies, and screams. Voila! Talladdin.”

Says drummer Max Portnoy: “This is the single most important release of our entire career. Everyone has been waiting at the edge of their seats for the past 15 years going, 'Where is that Aladdin remix Tallah promised us?' Well, here it is. I hope it lives up to the immeasurable expectations you people have of it.”

The Talladdin EP is set to be released exclusively on the band's Patreon page in the coming weeks. It will be available to all members of The Sad tier ($10 per month) and higher. Check out the EP's tracklisting below:

  1. Arabian Nights
  2. One Jump Ahead
  3. Friend Like Me
  4. Prince Ali
  5. A Whole New World


(Image credit: Tallah)

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