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The Fern Phoenix is the world’s first all-wood modular guitar

(Image credit: Fern Guitars )

Fern Guitars has announced the first playable prototype of its modular electric guitar design, the Fern Phoenix.

The Phoenix boasts a removable wood module that is attached to the guitar by magnets and can be swapped out instantly.

The modules themselves are fully customizable – Fern offers blanks that guitarists can work on themselves or in collaboration with the company – and are also available in standard configurations to fit humbucking, P-90 and single-coil pickups.

Players can also choose any type of tone wood for their guitar.

According to Fern, the guitar and module assembly is mostly complete, and the company expects to hit final production within the next few months. 

For more information on the Phoenix, head to Fern Guitars.

(Image credit: Fern Guitars )