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Watch The Offspring's Dexter Holland and Noodles take part in 'cockpit karaoke' while flying a private jet

The Offspring have launched a new YouTube series – Cockpit Karaoke – playing hit song Come Out And Play from the cockpit of a private jet.

Dexter Holland says: “We know everyone’s heard of Carpool Karaoke, but Cockpit Karaoke??? No one’s done that!! Since I’m a pilot, we thought it would be great if Noodles and I had some fun and got to sing along to one of our hits."

As publicity gimmicks go, it’s up there. But we appreciate the little touches: the keep ‘em separated guy, the anarchy symbol on the plane’s tail, the genuine peril every time Noodles tries to play an acoustic in the cockpit.

The video is reportedly the first in a series and follows on the heels of the band’s new record for a decade, Let the Bad Times Roll, which was released back in April. 

At the time, Dexter and Noodles told us that they wanted to take things back to basics, so it’s good to see they’re staying so... grounded.

Matt Parker

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