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The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Premiere “Poor Until Payday” Music Video

(Image credit: Official Press Photo)

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band are back with a new video for "Poor Until Payday," the title track from their upcoming album. You can check it out below.

According to their Facebook page, it features over 300 volunteers, two closed roads in two different towns, one dwarf goat, one 1962 tow truck, one 1970 Cadillac Deville, open fire hydrants (for kids to dance in), two wrecked cars and one of the best weekends of their lives.

Scroll down for info on the album and that sweet, custom 1949 Harmony guitar the Reverend's playing. 

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s album, Poor Until Payday is available now for pre-order at their website or digitally right here. Their US Tour starts on September 16 in Nashville, TN. To check out their full itinerary, step right this way.

We couldn’t just post this video though, without asking The Rev about that big old hollowbody guitar he’s playing.  

“It's a 1949 Harmony H-50 with a Gibson P-13, but I added a 1960 gold foil mustache pickup to it," he told Guitar World. "I played it through a 1954 Danelectro DM-25 and a 1948 or 48 Supro amp, with very few markings left. The main amp sound was actually that Forties Supro amp. I played the harmonica through a vintage Supro amp as well.” 

In addition to using vintage gear, The Rev is also known for playing some very strange instruments, including three-string guitars made from axes and a real, working gun.  In what’s probably one of the most unusual endorsement deals ever inked, C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply recently unveiled The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Guitar Strings for 3-String Axe Guitar!

Known as “The King of the Cigar Box Guitar,” Shane Speal is the author of new book, Making Poor Man’s Guitars – Cigar Box Guitars, the Frying Pan Banjo and Other DIY Instruments (Fox Chapel Publishing).  He can be seen fronting the band, Shane Speal & the Snakes in rural dive bars throughout Pennsylvania.