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This Limited-Edition Godzilla is a Monster of a Guitar

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A new limited edition guitar manufactured by ESP and designed by Takamizawa Toshihiko, who plays with the long-running Japanese rock band the Alfee, has been put up for sale.

According to Neo-Tokyo 2099, the model was created with the support of Toho—the studio behind Godzilla—and was designed to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the movie monster. Features include an alder body, a three-piece hard maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. There’s also a Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners and a single EMG-85 pickup.

The Godzilla guitar will be available in an extremely limited run of five examples, with a price tag of 5.55 million yen (approx. $51,600). Orders are available from today, August 7 through September 30.

For more information or to purchase, head here.