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This mind-blowing fingerstyle reimagining of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir has guitar heroes raving

Marcin Patrzalek
(Image credit: Marcin/YouTube)

Rock icons have taken to social media to react to a jaw-dropping percussive fingerstyle performance of the Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir from Polish guitarist Marcin Patrzalek.

Ibanez artist Patrzalek – who simply goes by the name of Marcin – has a long history of posting virtuosic acoustic guitar performances on his Instagram page, and has now grabbed the attention of the rock elite after sharing an insane acoustic rendition of the classic heavy-riffing Led Zep track.

Wielding an Ibanez AE900-NT in an underground car park, Marcin launches into the arrangement with a number of customary taps, before a deep dive on the low E tuning peg takes things to the next level.

After driving the iconic guitar riff along with the a thundering kick drum and snare snap provided by booming right-hand slaps, Marcin shifts up a gear with a dizzying display of his prolific playing skills, executing a number of high-speed percussive drum lines and melodic strums.

The grand finale sees Marcin race through a flurry of blink-and-you'll-miss-them two-hand taps as the mesmerizing performance is wrapped up in style.

Please excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.

Kudos to the choice of location, too, which soaks Marcin's guitar with an enveloping, larger-than-life natural reverb.

The insane performance grabbed the attention of many rock icons, including Kiss's Paul Stanley, who simply tweeted: "WOW!!!".

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello was also at a loss for words, replying to Marcin's guitar wizadry by saying, "Some people are just really talented. #HogawartsAxeslinger?"

Vernon Reid of Living Colour also threw his opinion into the ring, saying: "Jimmy Page ain't seen THAT coming! Got DAYUM."

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Following his success winning Poland's TV talent show Must Be the Music in 2015, Marcin has paved an impressive career path, which recently saw him reach the live semi-finals of 2019's edition of America's Got Talent.

When he's not dominating talent shows, the visionary guitarist is posting his arrangements to his Instagram page and YouTube account, which currently has over 200,000 followers and 400,000 subscribers.

It's not the first time Marcin has given a classic rock song a fingerstyle makeover, having performed a similarly dazzling arrangement of Metallica's Master of Puppets back in 2017.