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This terrible version of a David Gilmour solo will teach you how to play a great David Gilmour solo

We recently named The-Art-of-Guitar one of the 10 best guitar lesson channels on YouTube

For a good example of what makes the channel so appealing, check out video instructor Mike’s recent lesson, 8 Ways to Ruin a David Gilmour Solo, in which, by playing one of the Pink Floyd man’s famous electric guitar leads really badly, he demonstrates how to play it really well.

Makes sense?

Great. Let’s continue.

Mike begins the lesson by performing a spot-on version of Gilmour’s solo from the Pink Floyd song Mother, from 1979’s The Wall.

Next, he cycles through eight ways he could screw it up by using shabby technique. These include: under-bending or over-bending; lack of vibrato; not using string raking; skipping hammer ons and pull offs; not leaving space; forgetting the slides; having weak finger rolls; and…well, we’ll let you discover the last one on your own.

As a final kicker, Mike then plays the Mother solo again, this time incorporating every one of his terrible technique tips.

The result, in all its clam-filled glory, is worth a listen.

And for more from The-Art-of-Guitar, check out his official YouTube channel.