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Unreleased George Harrison Track Could be Finished by Paul McCartney

Just as Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr got together in the mid-'90s to finish two John Lennon tracks for The Beatles' Anthology project, McCartney might be finishing up an incomplete song by Harrison.

Harrison's widow, Olivia, says Harrison left behind a number of works-in-progress after his death in 2001.

She recently released Early Takes Volume 1, an album of demos and unreleased acoustic material by Harrison that coincided with the DVD release of Martin Scorcese’s Harrison documentary, Living in the Material World.

“There is some more material," she recently told Spinner. "There may be a minute of something he was writing and it will never be finished. I had an idea of giving unfinished songs to different people – giving one to Paul, maybe, or giving one to somebody else and saying: ‘Here are the bones of a song, would you like to finished it?’ I think that would be a nice idea.”

“It was an amazing thing to witness," said Olivia of the former Beatle's writing process. "It was just being born right then and there. I’d try not to interrupt – I’d put a pencil and paper by him, just to make sure he had something if he wanted to write something down. I’d get the tape player and put it there.”

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