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Video: Fan Throws Bottle at Guitarist Buzz Osborne — Melvins Show Cut Short

A fan threw a bottle at the Melvins' Buzz Osborne during the band's August 19 show in Vancouver, Canada.

A few seconds later, Osborne unplugged his guitar, delivered a few choice words to the audience — and that was that. Show over.

A fan who was at the show told Alternative Nation: "Towards the end of the show, someone threw a bottle that reportedly hit Buzzo in the chest. The music stopped, he said 'Fuck you, guys' and walked off. Dale [Crover, drums] came up and demanded to know who had thrown it. When no one owned up, he said 'See ya' and the roadies proceeded to take down gear.

"One roadie collected all the setlists and put them in his pocket. However, the perpetrator had been apprehended by some of the crowd members and handed over to security. He was brought outside and identified by Buzzo himself who proceeded to get into a vehicle and leave, ignoring everyone but the authorities. The bottle thrower was arrested."

You can see a fan-filmed clip of the incident below.

For more about Osborne, check out the August 2013 issue of Guitar World, which features a Dear Guitar Hero interview with the singer/guitarist. It's available now at the Guitar World Online Store.