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Video: Joe Satriani Posts Preview Clip of "War" from 3D Concert Film, 'Satchurated'

Joe Satriani has posted a teaser clip from his upcoming 3D concert film, Satchurated. Check out footage of Satch playing "War," as well as the official trailer for the film, below.

Filmed during the Montreal stop of Satch's recent tour in support of his latest solo effort, Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, Satchurated will be debuting in select theaters this March in 3D.

As previously reported, Satchurated will also be available in both 2D and 3D DVDs.

"The other 3D stuff is people leaning into the camera," said Satriani of his new concert film. "We didn’t do that, and they purposely laid out the stage a little different than how we would normally do it because they wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be this gimmicky object poking you in the face all the time, disrupting the feel of the concert. "