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Video: Van Halen Perform "Tattoo" at the Forum in Los Angeles

More footage from last night's Van Halen "rehearsal" show at the Forum in Los Angeles has surfaced online. Check out the band performing "Tattoo" below.

"Tattoo" is of course the first single off the band's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, which is expected to sell between 180-200k copies in its first week on sale.

Van Halen will kick off a North American tour on February 18 in Louisville, Kentucky.

In a recent interview, David Lee Roth was asked if he expected to stay in Van Halen for the foreseeable future.

"However temporary it may be there's a real core of strength, an integrity to the band," said Roth. "An obsessiveness to it that will ring true at least for the rest of this tour. To promise anything beyond that, I don't know. That kind of friction and back and forth solicits the best. In the battle of the bands, we actually are a battle of the bands in one band."