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Viral Metallica-shredding TikTok star Zaria signs with Sully Guitars

(Image credit: Sully Guitars)

Texas-based custom electric guitar company Sully Guitars has announced the addition of TikTok star Zaria to its artist roster.

You might remember Zaria as the viral sensation who, when called out for wearing a Metallica T-shirt, proceeded to shred some Metallica classics on guitar, including Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, One, and Battery.


Reply to @paytonnsmith I hope this video finds the ##Metallica fans lol, not my best ##guitar playing but that wasn’t really the point ##guitarist

♬ original sound - Zaria

“Like thousands of others, I loved the way Zaria handled ridiculous questions about wearing her Metallica shirt; she laughed it off, grabbed her guitar, and started playing,” says Jon Sullivan, owner of Sully Guitars. 

“Like Zaria, we won’t be pigeonholed; while we often make pointy, sparkle-laden guitars, they’re versatile instruments that can be used to play any style of music. While Zaria has been primarily known as an R&B/hip-hop singer to this point, she can bring the riffs, and we’re looking forward to working with her as she brings her love of playing guitar to her music.”


(Image credit: Sully Guitars)

Says Zaria, “I’ve never connected with an instrument faster than I did with my Sully '71. The tone is in-your-face and the playability inspires me to explore. I’m excited to represent Sully Guitars as I take my music in a new direction.”

Sully Guitars' artist roster currently includes Andee Blacksugar of Black Sugar Transmission, Stevie D of Buckcherry, Roman Surman of Wednesday 13 and Stryper's Michael Sweet, to name a handful.

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