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Wampler promises a more terrifying take on "the world’s greatest OD/boost circuit" with Spooky Tumnus Deluxe

(Image credit: courtesy of Wampler)

Wampler has given its Tumnus Deluxe OD/boost a Halloween makeover, outfitting the effect pedal with a limited-edition “spooky” design (cobwebs not included).

Otherwise, the new pedal boasts the same classic Tumnus Deluxe layout, with level and gain knobs, a three-band EQ and a Normal / Hot switch that takes the pedal from standard to higher amounts of drive.

Additionally, there’s a side-mounted buffered / true bypass control for switching between the two modes, top-mounted jacks for easy pedalboard placement and 9V power operation.

The limited-edition Spooky Tumnus Deluxe is available for pre-order for $199.97. To pick one up, head to Wampler.