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Warbringer Part Ways with Guitarist Adam Carroll, Announce Live Replacement

California thrash band Warbringer have officially announced the departure of guitar Adam Carroll ahead of a North American tour with Iced Earth and Symphony X.

Carroll issued a statement on his departure, saying: "To all fans and friends, I, Adam Carroll, have officially quit Warbringer. I have financial issues at home that have to be addressed sooner than later. I hope you all can understand and respect my decision. It's been some of the best years of my life and I appreciate all the support you the fans have given us and continue to give. I will forever be part of the Warbringer family. Many thanks and until I see the rest of you again, keep the metal alive. Cheers!"

  • Filling Carroll's shoes for the tour will be friend of the band Andrew Bennett, who is considering the tour an "audition" of sorts for a full-time spot in the band.
  • "Last month I received a message from the guys, which basically stated that Adam was requesting to step out," said Bennett. "As a result, they were searching for a possible replacement who could learn the material in time for the upcoming Iced Earth and Symphony X tour. I jumped at the opportunity and started learning some tracks"

He continued: "Around the beginning of this month I went down and jammed with the guys and the rest is history. I am eternally grateful to my friends in Warbringer for giving me the opportunity to play with them and I am very excited about what the future may hold. But, one thing that I would like to make clear is that I don't view myself as Adam's replacement, as much as I view myself as filling the position instead of him. Adam's work with the band and time with them is not something that can be erased and I would just like to make it clear that I respect him greatly. He has left big shoes to fill and I have a lot of work ahead of me if I am going to honor his legacy with the band. I'm looking forward to interacting with, and playing for the fans on the road! It's time to shred!"