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Watch Jared Dines and Stevie T deliver multiscale mayhem in Djent 2019 video

Back in 2018 YouTuber Jared Dines introduced his 18-string, Tasmanian-blackwood-and-stone-top Ormsby guitar, which was subsequently bested by fellow video star Stevie T, who unveiled his own 20-string black walnut model built by Chinese company 10s.

Now, the electric guitar players' not-so-serious battle of one-upsmanship may have reached its zenith – or, depending on your viewpoint, nadir – with the new Djent 2019 video, in which the two men engage in head-to-head multiscale warfare.

“Your reign ends now,” Stevie T says.

“It takes more than two extra strings to be a djent god,” counters Dines.

Let the battle begin.