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Watch Jared Dines Play an Ormsby 18-String Guitar

The saga of YouTube guitar guy Jared Dines and his commissioning of an 18-string (originally 17-string) guitar to play in his videos has been a wild one.

Back in October, Dines commissioned a 17-string guitar from a small company called Olson Guitarworks. In the middle of that month, the company posted the insane, seemingly completed guitar on its Facebook, an event—we'll admit—that we excitedly told you about at the time.

Behind the scenes though, all was not well. Dines, as it turns out, was scammed by the company, and the man behind it, who intended to give him a cheaply made Chinese model worth almost a thousand dollars less than what he had paid for it.

Luckily though, the fine folks over at Ormsby Guitars took up the challenge, and made Dines a genuine, fully functioning 18-string guitar, which he demoed at the NAMM show last week.

You can watch the demo above.

For more of Dines' videos, stop by his YouTube channel.