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Watch Steve Vai – actually, many Steve Vais – shred Joe Satriani’s Teardrops

Earlier this week we reported on Joe Satriani’s new Stripped x Three release, a collection of backing tracks comprised of the full listings of three Satch albums – Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, Is There Love in Space? and 2020's Shapeshifting.

Now, Steve Vai and Phil Collen have released electric guitar playthroughs of their attempts to shred like Joe.

Vai’s clip finds him taking on the ballad Teardrops, from Satch’s recent Shapeshifting, employing his new Ibanez Pia, an Ibanez acoustic and a custom Ernie Ball seven-string with a 13-string harp for the proceedings.

Collen, meanwhile, shreds through Satch’s Nineteen Eighty, also from Shapeshifting, using one of his Jackson PC1s signature models in Matte Blue Frost.

“Great, give me an easy one Joe!” Collen jokes.

You can preorder Stripped x Three now, with an anticipated delivery of November.