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We’re not fooling - this one-man-band acoustic arrangement of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love is truly mind-blowing

We’ve seen some rather impressive and unusual interpretations of Led Zeppelin songs recently, but Italian acoustic guitar player Luca Stricagnoli might have them all beat with his one-man-band interpretation of Whole Lotta Love.

In the above performance, Stricagnoli, who we’ve witnessed take on everyone from AC/DC to Guns N’ Roses, combines Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham’s parts into one fingerstyle arrangement that is truly mind blowing.

Pay particular attention to Stricagnoli’s expert twists of the tuning keys to mimic Page’s slide licks in the chorus, as well as his use of a Guitar Ring on his thumb to help keep the percussive rhythm going.

Stricagnoli recorded the tune for his new album, Change of Rules, and if you really want to get way down inside his version, he also offers tablature for the arrangement.

For more on Luca, head to his official YouTube channel.