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Yngwie Malmsteen installing Yngwie Malmsteen pickups is the most Yngwie Malmsteen thing you'll see today

People say you should learn something new every day. And today, why not have that new thing be how to install Seymour Duncan YJM Fury pickups into a Fender Strat electric guitar, courtesy of Yngwie Malmsteen himself?

“These are designed…by me,” Malmsteen says at the top of the video. “With Seymour Duncan, obviously.”

With that, Malmsteen unboxes the loaded pickguard, which is equipped with a trio of single coil “stack” pickups – “which means they’re humbucking single coils, which is extremely cool,” he says – as well as a YJM volume pot.

Malmsteen then takes you through the process of soldering in the new pickups and volume pot. Afterwards, he pops in the pickguard, and voila! He’s ready to unleash the fury once again. 

You can check out the entire process above, and head to Seymour Duncan for more info.