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YouTube series Scar My Guitar is a six-string version of MTV’s Pimp My Ride

Remember the MTV show Pimp My Ride? Remember MTV? 

For those that do, or even those that don’t, might we suggest checking out a new YouTube show, Scar My Guitar, which takes the Pimp My Ride conceit of fixing up old cars to make them new and, um, pimpin’, but does it for trashed electric guitars.

Essentially Scar My Guitar gives away free custom guitars. The twist? In order to win one, the subscriber has to send in a video of a 'crappy' guitar and explain why a new one is needed. After making the case, the video must end with, “Please, Scarred Guitars, scar my guitar!”

And then Josh ('The Instructor') and Sean ('The Mastermind'), do their thing, building a guitar from scratch or fixing up an inexpensive or donated model, and awarding it to the subscriber.

One example? A 1976 Japanese Fender with a Joe Barden pickup. “We made a neck for it with a birdseye maple fretboard. And now it’s boss,” Josh says proudly.

And while Scar My Guitar might not have an MTV-sized budget or a celebrity host like Xzibit, they do have a pretty rockin’ theme song, which you can hear in the video above.

For more information and full episodes, head over to Scar My Guitar.