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"Burglar Crapped in My Acoustic Guitar. It's Destroyed."

Here's a little something we spotted on Reddit. We thought we'd share, much like the burglar in the story:

Burglar crapped in my acoustic. It's destroyed.

"It's f'ing ruined. It sat all weekend soaking it up, and nothing is getting that smell out. You can't rock out when you put a guitar on your knee and smell someone's shit. Before I threw it away, I smashed it over the dumpster in frustration and reported it to insurance as a loss.

"This feels personal or maybe the work of a retarded man. They took stuff totaling to $500 to $600 but decided to shit in a $900 guitar. First of all, who has the balls to take the time to take a shit in the house they're burgling? Second of all, fuck thieves."

To follow along with this conversion, which started only a few hours ago, head here.