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new guy

As time progresses, we are forced to evaluate our technique and our approach to our instrument.

Sometimes we just need a phrase that works as a catalyst to open doors or changes how we see the fretboard.

  • I often think it's important to have those licks or patterns that you can use in multiple styles of music. Hybrid picking is a great way to utilize the other fingers on your pick hand as well as using the pick within the same run. In this case we will be focusing on the
  • middle finger of your pick hand. With a change in tone and attack you can maybe take an idea and work with it in multiple contexts. As well as, it can work in any scale shape when you change fingering a scale to accommodate a change in position. A very clear and concise idea of how the lick can by moved easily always comes from a focused practice on just one or two simple ideas.

In this column I break down three of what I consider to be the most helpful patterns to accomplish exactly this. You can take start very simply by working the examples in an isolated context. I always encourage my students to have a clear vision of what your goal is while practicing and remember to be careful not to move to quickly without a clean execution.