100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 31 "Stranglehold" (Ted Nugent)



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It's too bad about Nugent, I used to be a fan, but now he's rolling with all that sad insane old man political babble. You should've just kept your mouth shut and played Ted.



What happened to Ted? I don't know how you can go from doing music like this to the crap that came later. This song flat out rocks and the solo is phenomenal...



why in gods name is nirvana even mentioned and "smells like teen spirit" being five spots or so in front of ted nugents "stranglehold" is ridiculous and just plain wrong. any nugent song is better solo wise than any cobain slop.to even remotely think that he has any solo ability is unreal. any malmsteen, dimebag, wylde, hammett, page, hendrix, and van halen lead material is undeniably better than nirvanas bullshit. all cobain ever did was teach us that you can suck at guitar and make alot of money. oh well, whatever nevermind......

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