Guitar World Year in Review: The Top 14 Guitar World Girls Photo Galleries of 2013



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I see Guitar World is hard at work covering women in the guitar arena again. After all, it's not like anything in a skirt actually PLAYS one of those things! Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant! That's MY motto!

And while we're at it, the guitar magazine reading audience is MUCH more interested in reading about Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles again than in anything any artists/bands that are still together - or ALIVE - have going on!

And of course, please, please don't bore us by writing about Jazz or Blues, or God help us all, Classical or World music. Just the classics for us, thank you very much! And when Ozzy and Iggy Pop finally grow old and die, well then we'll just spend the next 20 years rehashing all their exploits!

Yep, Guitar World is doing a great job of covering BOTH kinds of music: Rock AND roll! After all, isn't that all there is?! sheesh!


You don't have to look at these galleries if you don't want to.

And just to put in a few cents for a discussion, music and sex can be
pretty intertwined. Think about that one.

And I really enjoy reading about Jimi Hendrix. Didn't particularly like the Beatles articles, but it's much better than reading crap from Black Veil Brides or trying to fit a couple pages of how "The Red Chord" frontman became a cop because there music is terrible.

You sound very tired and cynical. I almost feel sorry for you.



I see people are creating problems where no problems exist. Don't you have something better to do? If you don't want to look at this Guitar World Girls gallery, which is similar to countless GW Girl galleries the website has been posting for several years, don't look at it!



Quality.......All of them



Hear, Hear Transmothra!!!!



I HAD to check out number 9 and you're right!! She doesn't look too delighted to be there. And I agree with you guys. After watching the 14 year old girl tear it up on Van halen & Vai-I thought at first it was going to be an article on female guitarists-which there are alot of great female players out there. My earliest favorite "girl-Guitarist" was Jan Kuehnemund from Vixen. I will admit though it was her beauty that first attracted me to her-then her playing. But-as far as I know-she never performed half-nekkid.


Is it any wonder why more females aren't drawn to the guitar with this outdated view of women being shoved in their face all the time? Look, i love GW, but it's absolutely the worst for this crass, sexist tastelessness. None of these girls even look like they know what a guitar does. They're just objects. And ranking them? Please, GW, please join us in the 21st century. It's fun here and women are already around without having to be coerced.



Agree 100%

I remember viewing one of these collections a long time ago, and it was as much in poor taste then as it is now.

I saw the notification today for this one, and thought I would forward to a friend, but opted out after pre-viewing it.

#9 looks like she's forced to pose just so someone doesn't continue hitting her. She looks afraid, not sexy.

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