The Guitarist's Guide to Playing Bass: 20 Guidelines to Help You Think and Play Like a Real Bass Guitarist



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The last note in measure 2 of example 5b should have a natural sign; A not A#.


kenstee Great! Worth every cent!



Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!


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WOW! Not only did you actually say bass is boring, you made your judgment without even reading the article. LAME!



I've played 6-string most of my life and then about 2-1/2 years ago I wanted to expand my horizon by experimenting with other instruments. I figured that if you can partially understand how the other instruments are played, perhaps one can gain a better understanding of how to better construct the whole musical package. So I bought a relatively inexpensive drum set and then later a bass. About 6 months later the bass player in our Praise Team band at church moved away and so I offered to take his place.

I could write a couple pages about how bass is played differently than guitar, but this article takes care of the most important items. One funny thing is the feeling of switching back to guitar after playing bass for a while. The length of the neck, fret spacing, and string size are so much bigger, and then you pick up a guitar and you feel like you're playing a ukulele.



Bass and drums are such a integral part to any song in any genre. As a guitarist for over 40 yrs. I love a great bass line or a groove a REAL bassist and drummer can lay down for the rest of the band. This opens up more creative phrasing and other ideas for me and our keyboardist. Listen to any Beatles song and tell me the bass is not important or boring. McCartney's lines are pure poetry on bass.... in my opinion. Any other line in any of their songs would be a quite different sounding song. As a guitarist I really have no interest in playing bass.... I'd have to rethink my approach and learn another instrument.... plus buy a I have enough on my plate as a guitarist. There is so much there on the fretboard to accomplish, so I'll leave Bass up to a REAL bassist.



I haven't seen the article yet so I'm not sure what the point of this is? Do yo want guitar players to play bass and quit playing guitar? Bass is BORING. I know its an essential part of any band but how boring to learn or even listen to, even when it's a really good player like Matt here.


Read the article before you comment.
PS -- Paul McCartney. Couldn't play a boring note if he wanted to.



Bass is boring? You are really a moron who knows nothing about music. I can play both and bass is way more fun.

Lets see. Off the top of my head: Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, John Myung, Les Claypool, Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm, Flea. I don't see any boring playing on these examples.

Next thing this jackass will say is pianists are boring and pointless. What a tool. And if you want I can start naming off boring guitar players......



As a guitar player who converted to bass for many years, I gotta say, "Bass is awesome!!!" I am playing guitar again in my current band, but often miss playing bass.

The problem is some people, like classicLAMEguy, think bass is a guitar with less strings.

A good bass player is solid, steady and doesn't feel the need to be an attention whore.



"The problem is some people, like classicLAMEguy, think bass is a guitar with less strings".

In many cases the bass player has just as many strings as the guitar and in some cases more:)



music needs bass
knowledge is king
get your head out of the sand

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