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The Oddly Fascinating Pairing of Two Completely Unrelated Triads

Last month, I presented a neat formula for generating two unusual and exotic hexatonic (six-note) scales, which I called D “gypsy-minor hexatonic” (D E F G# A B) and E “Phrygian-dominant hexatonic” (E F G# A B D), both of which we formed by combining two triads, D minor (D F A) and E major (E G# B). ... …

Clever Ways to Conjure Haunting, Mysterious Melodies

In the April 2015 issue of Guitar World, I showed you how to combine D major (D F# A) and E minor (E G B) triads to generate two appealing hexatonic (six-note) scales: the bright, joyous-sounding D major hexatonic (D E F# G A B) and the dark and serious E minor hexatonic (E F# G A B D). ... …