October 2012 Guitar World: Billy Gibbons and Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, Buddy Guy Book Excerpt, Mark Tremonti and More



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Reading about Dan Auerbach and Billy Gibbons was interesting. I never thought that a magazine would call them the Blues Brother because I still remember the original Blues Brothers and they made some great movies. Six years ago, I got to meet Billy Gibbons in New York right out of the blue and I will not forget it. It seems that these guys got some bromance because of so many things in common when it comes to music. They like classic blues, vinyl records, music history, and the mutual love for a Texas Blues Legend named Lightnin Hopkins. I like playing the blues and rock & roll. As well as listening to the blues and rock artists from the past including ZZ TOP, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Hey, I think we all could get together and get along as friends. Peace and my name is Flood.



It was interesting in reading the history of Buddy Guy. His life was full of ups and downs and he almost quit the blues. Muddy Waters was generous in helping him become a star in Chicago. It was also just his luck that a stranger before he met Muddy Waters, picked him up from the streets and asked him if he could play in front of his wife. His wife smiled and Buddy Guy was offer to play at the 708 club. The other night, a patron got jealous of Buddy for looking at his woman. Buddy got sarcastic just like I would of done and offered his woman that he never had. The guy started laughing and ending up buying him a beer. He never asked where is Buddy's woman. Buddy Guy mentioned some moves that Jimi Hendrix and Steven Ray Vaughn have done and I have just learned who did it earlier before them. Such as playing with your teeth, the guitar is between the legs, and playing over his head. Buddy would tell a story of man who wants to get drunk and shows the bartender the decapitated head of his bitch woman. Than the bartender split from the club and never came back. That is history for yah. Buddy Guy is a smart hard working blues man. I think that I should check his music as I have checked out Muddy Water's music. By the way, my name is Flood! Peace!

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