The Original Alice Cooper Band: Classic Rock’s Most Underrated Group



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Bob Ruscus

I was introduced to Cooper's music when I was about 12 years old.My older brother turned me on to "Schools Out",so when he wasn't home I'd borrow his LP and crank it on my turntable.
I was fortunate to see them(not the original lineup) in 1981 at The Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ.The stage show was undoubtedly one of the best I'd ever seen.I left with more energy flowing than I arrived with.
Alice DJ's on The Hawk 105.7 in the Jersey Shore area.I'm almost 50 years old,but every time I hear the music the teenage feelings come back.I agree that the band was underrated and they are a Rock'n'Roll icon!!


Ingo Geirdal

Thank you Brad for writing this article!
I couldn´t agree with you more.

The original Alice Cooper Group truly is one of rock´s most finest and most underrated bands ever. Not only by the media but also the public at large.

Thankfully the members of the Rock ´n´ Roll Hall Of Fame had the good taste to nominate and induct one of the greatest rock BANDS ever this year.
The Alice Cooper Group belongs there with Zeppelin, Sabbath, AC/DC, The Beatles and The Stones.

The Alice Cooper Group was and still continues to be one of rock´s most influential bands, not only in terms of theatrics but also because of their unique sound and songwriting talents.
The musicianship and songwriting talents of Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Michael Bruce and the late great Glen Buxton was arguably as unique and original as their singer and frontman Alice Cooper and just as important to Alice Cooper´s success as the theatrics.

Luckily, when Bruce, Dunaway, Smith and Cooper reunited for the first time ever to play at a memorial for Glen Buxton in 1999, I had travelled all the way from Iceland to be there in the front row. The magic was there then and it is still there NOW, even though I dearly miss the charismatic playing of Glen Buxton, who was the biggest inspiration for Randy Rhoads to pick up an electric guitar and start a rock band.

I sincerely hope we haven´t seen the last of the original Alice Cooper Group live on stage.

Your article along with the HOF induction will hopefully inspire others to give the Alice Cooper Group the respect and recognition they so duly deserve.

Ingo Geirdal

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