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Since it's not mentioned, and not well known, I figured I'd add the DV Mark Triple 6. Made by Mark Bass in Italy.
To describe it simply, it has the aggression of a Mesa dual Rectifier without the top end "fizz" that can creep in easily. You DR owners know what I mean (I've had 3) you get that really brutal rhythm tone, but it's just too "fizzy" for a good lead tone. This amp takes that problem away. The 'brutal is there' but the fizz is not. You can force it for sure, by turning the presence ALL the way up. But it's just more rounded sounding.
It's also lightweight and easy to use. My biggest complaints with it is that it is 120 watts (which is just too much for me now) and the solo boost is tied into the effects loop.
But it's less money, lightweight, and sounds awesome.

Guitar World's Paul Riario and Ola Englund have great youtube videos

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