Smithereens 11: Guitarist Jim Babjak Breaks Down 11 Essential Smithereens Tracks



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P.S. Saw you guys at Cabaret Metro in Chicago right after Green Thoughts came out in '88 I think? One of the best shows I've ever seen and I'll never forget you slinging sliders out into the audience and laughing your butt off during the White Castle Blues encore.

Yesterday I listened to a tape of the 5-6-88 show from the Bottom Line that was broadcast on, those were the days. Those first 2 records had more great tunes than most bands write over a career. You guys ruled - and still do. Thanks for all the great music over the years.



Hey Jim, Carr Amps are built by Steve Carr by hand right here in Pittsboro, NC. From Wiki: "Founder Steve Carr said of the company: "We try to figure out the great things about forties, fifties, and sixties amps and throw in some new twists. But our amps don’t have a whole lot of knobs or switches. They’re super-useful but very simple."

Steve's Rambler amps have gotten rave reviews and Guitar Player said the Rambler's "layout and wiring are absolutely flawless." Jazz Times called the Carr Rambler's "top-notch craftsmanship, hand-wired electronics and thoughtful, well-researched design."

Also from Wiki: "The Carr amplifiers with 6L6 tubes are compared to classic Fender amps; the Slant 6V, which also has 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes, was praised as "an amazingly useful and versatile amp" and was a "Guitar Player Editors' Pick" in 2009. The "exceptional" Vincent was praised for "its rich tone, variable power, and compact size."

I'm not a player but as a resident of Pittsboro I think it's awesome that a true craftsman like Steve Carr still takes the time and considerable effort to make the best possible product right here in the USA. Kudos to him.



Great story, Jim! I saw you guys at Abbey Road on the River in Kentucky (I think) in 2006 (I think). Anyway, it was great!

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