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Remember When Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi Was in Jethro Tull?

It’s always fun to wonder about “what could have been.”What if Jeff Beck had joined the Rolling Stones after Mick Taylor’s departure? What if the Beatles had got back together in 1976 or 1979? What if Tony Iommi had stayed in Jethro Tull?Here’s the one-and-only video of Iommi—the man who would go on to be the mainstay—the rock—behind Black Sabbath—on stage with his one-time band, Jethro Tull.... …

Tony Iommi on Collaborating with Brian May: “Yeah, I’d Like to Do Something with Him”

EON Music recently caught up with heavy metal godfather Tony Iommi at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, where the guitarist appeared to accept the Golden God award on behalf of the Black Sabbath.Iommi discussed a handful of topics including the last-ever Sabbath show, rumors of another one-off gig, and much more.The guitarist also addressed a possible collaboration with Brian May, a project that... …

Tony Iommi on Overwhelming Odds and the Right Way to Play "Paranoid"

This entry is taken from the lovely and talented Guitar World archives. Hello there! Welcome to my first Guitar World column. I'm looking forward to sharing with you in these pages my thoughts on playing, equipment and the music business. Actually, this isn't the first time I've written a column—I used to do one many years ago for an English music magazine called Beat Instrumental. I did it for... …