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Photo Gallery: Guitar World Readers' Top 10 Guitar Albums of 1987

What's the best guitar album from 1987? Check out the gallery of covers below to find out.

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In 1990, Guitar World editors picked their choices for best guitar album of the eighties. Here's your chance to vote and let them if they got it right, or big-time dropped the ball.

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Photo Gallery: Guitar World Magazine Covers Through the Years — 1989

Guitar World's almost a full monthly publication by the last year of the material decade. Check out these 11 killer covers.

Top 10 Movies for Guitarists

Most musicians love a good movie. Cinema offers a fun, relaxing respite after your typical five-hour, finger-grinding guitar workout. But what's a guitar player to watch when documentaries get too heady and musicals neglect our favorite instrument?

Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1988?

With heavy metal bands popping up everywhere, there was plenty of guitar to go around in 1988. Vote now for your favorite album.

Photo Gallery: Guitar World Magazine Covers Through the Years — 1988

We left out only February and March in 1988. Check out these covers from 23 years past as Guitar World edges its way into monthly publication.

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50 killer acoustic rock songs: Which one is your favorite? Check out this poll and let us know.

Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1987?

You know where you are? You're in 1987. Rock 'n' Roll gets glossy but stays on top. Check out this week's poll and vote for your favorite album from 1987.

Interview: Deep Purple Bassist Roger Glover Discusses His New Album, 'If Life Was Easy'

Guitar World speaks with one of the most iconic bass players in rock: Deep Purple's Roger Glover. Here he talks about his latest solo album, If Life Was Easy.