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Electro-Harmonix Introduces Good Vibes Vintage-Style Chorus/Vibrato Pedal — Demo Video

Electro-Harmonix has introduced its new Good Vibes Modulator pedal. The pedal, a demo of which you can check out below, is a re-creation of classic “flower power”-era chorus/vibrato pedals.

Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor — Exclusive Demo Video

Today we have an exclusive demo video of Seymour Duncan's Vise Grip compressor pedal, which was introduced at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show. The video stars guitarist Steve Booke, who also happens to write the "What in the World" lessons for

Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson: The "Sevens" Mechanic — Video

In his latest instructional video (posted February 5), guitarist Troy Grady investigates one of the unusual asymmetrical groupings of Yngwie Malmsteen’s scale playing: a concept known as "sevens." It's a classic and fascinating example of Malmsteen's unorthodox hybrid fretboard shapes. For more about Grady's Masters in Mechanics series, visit

In the Studio: Five Tips to Bring Live Energy Into Your Studio Recordings

When it comes to music, I am most passionate about “feel,” “energy,” “mood” and “vibe.” The band used to laugh at how often I said “the moment” when discussing music, so much so that they turned it into a drinking game. Whether it was coffee, water in the car on the road or a whiskey later at night, if anyone said “the moment,” we’d drink something.

Archer Perform "Belief" at Gibson Las Vegas Showroom — Video

Prior to their show with HellYeah, Archer recently stopped by the Gibson Las Vegas ER showroom and Fox-5 News Studio to perform a song, "Belief." You can check it out below.

Black Star Riders Release New Album, 'The Killer Instinct,' Premiere "Finest Hour" Music Video

“Through The Motions,” “Finest Hour,” “Soldierstown,” “Blindsided” and “Sex, Guns & Gasoline” are all tracks from The Killer Instinct, the new studio album by Black Star Riders. Each track proves that melodic hard rock isn't only alive and well—but actually thriving.

Things Parents Say to Metal Musicians — Video

Today we revisit the bottomless Jared Dines well of music-centric videos to bring you "Things Parents Say to Metal Musicians."

Top 10 Greatest Rock and Roll Song Endings of All Time

Well, bub, no matter how good the song is, it eventually has to end. The question, then, is: How’s it going to end? A studio fade giving the illusion of a sing-along chorus going on forever in some imaginary world populated by elves? A repeated turnaround? An abrupt, punk-rock-style halt? An unsuspected, off-key chord?

How to Make Great "Guitar Faces" — Video

No, this May 2012 video is not new. But, as is often the case, it happens to be new to me; I found it in my inbox over the weekend—and I didn't mind it.

Jimmy Page and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell Talk Led Zeppelin History and More — Video

Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell Talk Led Zeppelin on Stage at Guitar World EventTo celebrate the release of Jimmy Page’s lavish new photo book, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, the guitar legend appeared with Chris Cornell, guitarist and singer for Soundgarden, at the Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for a relaxed question-and-answer session that spanned the entirety of Page’s 50-year career.