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Professor Shred with Guthrie Govan: Using Chromatic Passing Tones to Add Color to Your Soloing Ideas

I am often asked how I incorporate chromatic notes into my solos and how I approach playing “outside” the given key center of a song. If you have ever used the blues scale, then you have already employed chromatic notes in some of the most musical ways possible.

Touch of Grey: Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia Talks Gear, His Near-Fatal Illness and 'In The Dark'

Jerry Garcia looked around the Grateful Dead’s rehearsal studio in San Rafael, California, and smiled. “It’s good to not die,” said Garcia, who suffered a nearly fatal diabetic coma in July of ’86. The legendary guitarist whose mercurial improvisations are the life’s blood of the Grateful Dead’s music has made a miraculous recovery from an illness that at first left him incapable of walking, speaking clearly or playing.

With 'Workingman’s Dead,' the Grateful Dead Shifted from Uncommercial Jam Band to One of the World's Most Popular Acts

What a difference a year makes. In February 1969, the Grateful Dead recorded a series of shows at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore West in the hope of finally capturing on tape the psychedelic alchemy of their already legendary onstage interplay. The double album Live Dead, released in November that year, showcased the Dead at their adventurous and exploratory acid-peak best and cemented their reputation as the premier jamming band of the era.

Tab Book: Learn the 'Best of Scorpions,' Note for Note

A new tab book, Best of Scorpions, is available now at the Guitar World Online Store. The book features note-for-note transcriptions with tab for 14 favorites from these Hannover hard rockers.

Pettyjohn Electronics Announces the PettyDrive Deluxe, a Studio-Grade Dual-Channel Analog Overdrive Pedal — Demo Video

Pettyjohn Electronics has announced the PettyDrive Deluxe, a studio-grade dual-channel analog overdrive pedal that's engineered to deliver the powerful tone and dynamic feel of boutique tube amps pushed to the edge of breakup.

Betcha Can't Play This: Ethan Brosh's Cascading Harmonics — Video

You'll notice this video is much longer than the typical Betcha Can't Play This video, since it goes into greater left-hand detail — and into greater detail in general. You'll also notice there's no tab included (Again, the longer video explains the fret positions and a lot more).

Betcha Can't Play This: Nita Strauss Solo Lick from Alice Cooper Tour

Here's a brand-new edition of Betcha Can't Play This featuring Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, who recently visited Guitar World HQ. Last time, she played a Descending Legato Lick. This time, she demonstrates a lick from her solo spotlight section from her shows with Cooper.

The 30 Best Albums of 2015 — So Far

Well, we've come to the halfway point of the year—and then some. It's time to look back at what has, so far, been a strong year for music, one in which the guitar has been pushed to new creative peaks on new albums in an array of genres.

July 4 Sale: Take 35 Percent Off Everything at the Guitar World Online Store!

Save big for Independence Day! Take 35 percent off everything at the Guitar World Online Store!

Enter to Win Tickets to an Intimate Interview with Joe Satriani

Enter to win a pair of tickets to a career-spanning live interview event with Joe Satriani in front of a studio audience.