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Betcha Can't Play This: Winger's Reb Beach Taps Into His Pentatonic Side

I tap with my middle finger and begin this lick by flicking the string with the finger to get the sound going, doing a "phantom" pull-off to the A note at the fifth fret. I then play a sequence that goes "hammer, tap, pull" and repeats as I move across the strings, initiating the first note on each lower string with a "hammer-on from nowhere."

Secret Broadcast Pulled Over While Filming "Killing Time" Music Video in Van

Toronto band Secret Broadcast have released a new music video for a song called "Killing Time." You can check it out below. You also might want to check out the unplanned ending ... the part where their van is pulled over by a cop.

Guitar Tricks: Eight Things You Need to Know About Arpeggios

Nearly all of the greats use arpeggios. Yet, if you're like a lot of guitarists, you might be shying away from them because you fear being overwhelmed by the "Twin Ts": theory and technique. If you have a basic understanding of how chords work, though, it's high time to get your feet wet.

Jay Willie Blues Band Release 'Rumblin' and Slidin'' — Video

On their second ZOHO release, Rumblin' and Slidin', the Jay Willie Blues Band lay down 14 vintage Texas blues and ballads, including six scorching originals and classics by Muddy Waters, Link Wray and more.

Vox Introduces MINI5 Rhythm Portable Mini Amp — Now Available in Ivory

Vox, whose AC30 amp was instrumental in the British invasion, has introduced the MINI5 Rhythm, a new portable modeling amp with built-in rhythm patterns.

Machine Head Premiere “Now We Die” Music Video

Machine Head have premiered their new music video for "Now We Die." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook.

Learn Jimi Hendrix's Signature Licks with Guitar World's Andy Aledort

Jimi Hendrix: Signature Licks, a book/CD pack by Guitar World's Andy Aledort that's available now at the Guitar World Online Store, offers a unique and thorough examination of 12 of Jimi Hendrix's greatest compositions.

Gibson Custom Introduces Collector's Choice #26 1959 Les Paul "Whitford 'Burst" Guitar

In his unwavering pursuit of success, particularly through the challenges of Aerosmith’s early years, Brad Whitford displays a kinship to the ultimate tenacity of the Les Paul design: the time-will-prove qualities and heroic achievements of a guitar that wasn’t fully appreciated until half a decade after it was deleted from the Gibson catalog.

Gibson Introduces Robby Krieger 1954 Les Paul Custom Guitar

Robby Krieger’s 1954 Les Paul Custom became a constant writing companion, workhorse, performing partner, muse and musical soul mate all rolled into one right from the time he acquired it used in 1968. Nicknamed “L.A. Woman” after its use on that classic track by The Doors, it contributed to many unforgettable hits, and remains in Robby’s possession to this day, a tried and true companion to a career that has continually evolved and inspired over decades.

Watch Metallica’s Concert for Valor Set — Video

In appreciation of Veterans Day, Metallica played the Concert for Valor—a show that honors the courage and sacrifice of veterans, active-duty service members and their families.