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Joe Bonamassa Premieres "Different Shades of Blue" Music Video

Grammy-nominated blues-rock guitarist/singer-songwriter Joe Bonamassa has released the first music video and track from his upcoming solo record, Different Shades Of Blue.

Tool Explain Why Their New 'More Metal Sounding' Album Is Taking So Long

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Tool guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey have revealed why it has taken them eight years and counting for the band to record and release a new album.

Guitar World Magazine Covers Gallery: Every Issue from 2008 to 2014

Below, check out the latest photo gallery of Guitar World magazine covers. This time, we "cover" 2008 through the present — 2014. Because we're in a "completist" mood, this photo gallery also includes all the different variations of certain covers, including four different versions of an Eddie Van Halen cover from 2009.

How to Buy an Amp: A Guide for the First-Time Buyer

When shopping for an amp, don’t take home the first one you plug into. Sure, that amp may feel really good to play, and you may love how it screams, but are you really going to be happy with it when you wake up tomorrow morning? Here are 10 things you should know before you even consider handing over your money to the amp pimp.

Tommy Ramone, Last Original Member of the Ramones, Dead at 65

Tommy Ramone, the Ramones' last surviving original member, died Friday, July 11, at 65 after struggling with bile duct cancer.

Morbid Angel Bassist David Vincent's 2014 Summer Tour Survival Guide — Summer Slaughter

As part of our 2014 Summer Tour Survival Guide, we talk to David Vincent of Morbid Angel about the sweatiest show he's ever played, and how to beat the heat at an outdoor show.

Watch Metallica's Live Monitor Engineers in Action — Video

When witnessing the fury of a Metallica show, it can be easy to forget just how many variables there are in making it all work. Few people know this better than Bob Cowan and Adam Correia, Metallica's two live monitor engineers.

Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss on Appearing in Playboy: "They Definitely Threw it Out There"

Last month, we announced that guitarist Nita Strauss has joined Alice Cooper's band. Since then, she's been gracing the homepages of a seemingly endless number of websites around the world.