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Kiss Guitarist Tommy Thayer to Perform with Steel Panther at NAMMJAM 2015

Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer will perform with headliner Steel Panther at NAMMJAM 2015. NAMMJAM 2015 is considered "the hottest ticket at NAMM." Now in its sixth year, this invitation-only party will take place Friday, January 23, beginning 6 p.m. at the Grove of Anaheim.

NAMM 2015: Eric Johnson Demos His Signature Roland Blues Cube Tone Capsule — Video

Guitarist Eric Johnson and Boss/Roland have gotten together to create the new Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule amp.

NAMM 2015: Boss Debuts ES-8 Effects Switching System

Boss has announced the ES-8 Effects Switching System, an advanced audio command center for pedalboards.

NAMM 2015: Boss Introduces BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

Boss has announced the BB-1X Bass Driver, a special edition compact pedal that provides high-quality tones for bass players.

NAMM 2015: Boss Announces VE-1 Vocal Echo Stompbox for Vocalists

Packed with a selection of impressive ambience effects plus automatic pitch correction, doubling, and more, the VE-1 allows performing vocalists to easily enrich their sound with studio-quality processing.

NAMM 2015: Blackstar Launches D:Core BEAM, Its First Bluetooth Guitar Amp

Based on the control set of the critically acclaimed and best-selling ID:Core series of guitar amps, the ID:Core BEAM takes incredible guitar tone into the home and becomes the central hub for instruments and stunning music playback.

NAMM 2015: Supro Launches Three New Reverb Amps

Building on the breakout momentum generated by its return to the guitar gear scene, Supro USA is now set to launch another trio of vintage-inspired amp models with reverb and tremolo at the 2015 Winter NAMM show.

Guitar World at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show: It's That Time of Gear

It's over, folks! The 2015 Winter NAMM Show took place Thursday morning, January 22, through Sunday, August 25, in Anaheim, California. As always, Guitar World NAMM-ed it up, shooting photos and videos, gathering endless gear news and trying out (and gawking at) the coolest guitars, amps, effects, devices and more that are being introduced for 2015.

NAMM 2015: Peavey Introduces 50th Anniversary Commemorative Guitar Amplifiers

For 2015 only, Peavey celebrates its golden anniversary with the release of two limited-edition amplifiers, the 50th anniversary commemorative 6505 + head, and the 50th anniversary commemorative Classic 30 112 combo.

NAMM 2015: Mogami Cable Introduces Overdrive Series for Electric Guitars

Mogami Platinum guitar cable is recognized as being among the finest instrument cables on the planet, exhibiting extraordinarily neutral, extended and detailed sound from any instrument.