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The $150,000 Guitar

Martin’s History of Flight acoustic comes with a sky-high price.

Dream Theater Embark on Summer Tour

Band hits the road with Into Eternity and Redemption


Eighties Rockers Unite for Zeppelin Tribute CD

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali helms project

GW GIRLS: Silvia Gonzalez

Age 33, New York/New Jersey


GW GIRLS: Betina Gozo

Age 24, Chicago, IL

Swart Super Space Tone 30 head and 2x12 cabinet

Space Tone Continuum

Marshall RG-1 Regenerator modulator, RF-1 Reflector reverb, EH-1 Echohead delay pedals

Marshall's digital stomp boxes deliver boutique tone at affordable prices.

Testament Sign with Nuclear Blast

Four-fifths of original lineup to record again soon.

Guns N’ Roses: The Reunion?

“Whatever the Stones make when they play, we’d triple it,” says former drummer

Metallica Team Up with ‘Rock Band’ Video Game

“Enter Sandman” to be featured on game disc