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Gear Tour: Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman

Check out this gear tour from Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman.


Gene Simmons Unleashes AXE Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitar Controller

Axe-shaped controller is compatible with PS2 and PS3


Los Lonely Boys Christmas Spirit CD On Sale Now

CD captures spirit of the holidays with "Texican" flavor.

100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 45 — The Doors, "Light My Fire" (Robby Krieger)

“Light My Fire” was one of the first songs ever written by Robby Krieger, and his extended solo on the album version was also one of his shining moments as a guitarist. Ironically, however, in order for “Light My Fire” to become a hit for the Doors and Krieger the songwriter, Krieger the guitarist had to swallow his pride and allow his masterly two-and-a-half-minute solo to be trimmed down to its essential opening and closing themes for use on the single.