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101 Amazing Licks - Lick 10

This Eric Johnson-style open triad tricky lick is sure to strike a chord!


Wes Borland Returns With New Group

Former Limp Bizkit guitarist steps into role as frontman.

101 Amazing Licks - Lick 9

Get a little Dickey... Betts, that is, with this major pentatonic run!

Clutch Gear Up To Unleash New CD

Stoner rock icons Clutch will be releasing "From Beale Street to Oblivion" on March 27.

Fender Mourns Loss of Bill Carson

Western swing legend, test pilot of the Stratocaster and one-time record holder for having grown the world's largest pumpkin.


Boston Singer’s Death a Suicide

The family of Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band Boston, said his death was a suicide.

Coheed and Cambria Set to Play Warped Tour

New York rockers and others line up for thirteenth annual summer festival.

101 Amazing Licks - Lick 8

A tasty pull-off motif inspired by the great Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits

Coffin Case BDFX-1 Blood Drive

The BDFX-1 Blood Drive is a surprisingly warm and versatile true-bypass, all-analog distortion unit with killer cosmetics to boot.

GW GIRLS: Sibyl Nin

Age 23, New York, NY