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Van Halen Guitar Tech Weighs In On 3rd Power HLH100 Guitar Amp

The music vet comments on 3rd Power's new ’68 Plexi-inspired HD100.

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Atreyu: Heavy Duty

Atreyu continue work on the follow-up to Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

Boss TU-1000 Professional Stage Tuner Review

In a world where everything is getting smaller, it’s nice to see a company think big. For 2009, Boss has expanded its lineup with the TU-1000 Professional Stage Tuner.

Mesa/Boogie Mark V Amplifier

The Mark V is like a greatest-hits package for tone. It’s like having a faithful recreation of Mesa’s most legendary amplifiers—such as the Mark I, IIC+ and IV—packed into one amp, along with bonuses like all-new British-inspired circuits.


KISS To Release New Album Exclusively at Wal-Mart

Everyone's favorite face-painted rockers to release Sonic Boom through the large department store chain this fall.


Washburn Guitars: Burning For You

More than 125 years old and still on top of the latest trends, Washburn Guitars continues to fire up players with its innovative instruments. Guitar World celebrates the history of an American legend.


Gear Spotlight: Randall Gus G T2HH

Watch this video demo on the new Randall amp.


Green Day: Rebel Yell

Green Day's new rock opus, 21st Century Breakdown, fulfills the ambitious promise of American Idiot, singing a lament for troubled times. Guitar World talks with Billie Joe Armstrong about the making of the group's latest rebellious musical effort.

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature AF2 Airplane Flanger Pedal Review

For years, one of Paul Gilbert’s signature sounds came from a flanger pedal that had been modified to change pitch from high to low, creating a wild dive-bomb effect.


Alice In Chains Reveal 'Black Gives Way to Blue' Artwork

Cantrell & Co. reveal the artwork for their first new studio release in more than 10 years.