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Marty Friedman: The Lost Lesson

Check out this video lesson from Marty Friedman from April 15, 1998.


Metallica: Talkin' Thrash

Metallica and a cast of their metal brethren deliver an oral history of the group’s first decade: from Kill ’Em All to the “Black Album.”

Zoom H4n Handheld Digital Recorder Review

Handheld digital recorders are great for capturing music on the fly at CD quality. But when you need pro-level audio reproduction, a handheld usually can’t measure up. Zoom’s H4n is an exception, delivering 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio in Zoom’s most sophisticated handheld recorder to date. 


Tool, Beastie Boys, Coldplay and Others Gear Up for Second Annual All Points West Festival

3-day festival to once again take place in New Jersey this summer


Gear Spotlight: Dunlop EVH Signature Wah

Watch our video demo of the Dunlop EVH Signature Wah.

Recording King Century Studio Series Acoustics Review

What is it about 12-fret acoustics that make purists salivate? Is it because these small-body instruments are deeply steeped in the classical and folk guitar tradition, or because Satan-obsessed bluesmen like Robert Johnson played them? Whatever it is, these guitars look timeless and sound big, despite their diminutive size.


Guitar Center Announces New King of the Blues Contest

Grand prize worth more than $35,000

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Mobile Review

Is that a rig in your pocket? If it is, then it must be Guitar Rig Mobile, Native Instruments’ newest, smallest and most affordable incarnation of its ubiquitous Guitar Rig software/hardware package. No larger than a cigarette pack, Guitar Rig Mobile combines Guitar Rig LE software with a full-featured USB 2.0 audio interface to let you plug in and play anywhere you go.


Slayer Announce New Album

World Painted Blood due out in Sept.

DigiTech TimeBender Delay Pedal Review

Just when you thought all delay pedals were repeats of one another, DigiTech comes along with something really unique. The TimeBender takes delay in an entirely different direction with 10 effects that range from traditional to out of this world.