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Derek Trucks: Family Man

Derek Trucks is all grown up and glowing with confidence on Already Free, a new album recorded at home with his wife Susan Tedeschi and an extended family of friends.

Prime Cuts: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guitarist Gary Rossington explains the origins of some of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s—and rock’s—finest moments.

Last Gigs: Stevie Ray Vaughan

August 26, 1990 - East Troy, Wisconsin


Warren Haynes: Truckin'

Over the past year Warren Haynes has toured with the Dead and the Allman Brothers, recorded and released an acoustic solo album and revived his most excellent band, Gov’t Mule. Think he’s tired? He’s only just begun!

The Doors: The Doors of Perception

It’s the rock legend everyone can recite by heart, but no one can agree on. This is the story of Jim Morrison, as told by his bandmates and close associates to Guitar World.