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Interview: Jerry Cantrell Discusses Alice in Chain's 2009 Comeback, 'Black Gives Way to Blue'

Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and for Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, that’s a good thing these days. Earlier this year Cantrell had what he calls “a thunderbolt moment” in a Vegas recording studio, and one that he now looks on as perhaps the high-water mark of his long career. It was the kind of moment Cantrell can’t stop talking about, and in the course of several interviews, over progressive days, the guitarist goes back again and again to an image of…well, a piano.

Jerry Cantrell interview: Get Born Again

When Layne Staley died seven years ago, Alice in Chains died with him. With Black Gives Way to Blue, the band rises from its ashes. Jerry Cantrell reflects on AiC's past glories and their new lease on life.

Nirvana: The Final Scream

March 1, 1994 - Munich, Germany

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