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Hole Notes: Tommy Emmanuel's Acoustic Techniques

In this month's edition of "Hole Notes," Musicians Institute instructor Dale Turner examines Tommy Emmanuel's acoustic techniques.

Dale Turner: Hole Notes (November 2011)

In this month's edition of Hole Notes, Dale Turner tackles the fingerstyle techniques and ferocious strums of former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante.

John Frusciante Lesson: How to Play Like a Chili Pepper, Part 1

Well, it could be anything. A lot of times it's a chord progression [Fig. 1], or just some groove. Around the time we were writing By the Way, I'd always be coming in with chord progressions like that-ones that have a real open, "human" sound to them. Something like that might end up being a section to a song. But sometimes those things don't go anywhere; they just go into the air. And I never remember anything, unless it's a thing I've justbeen doing. So I use a tape recorder a lot to record ideas.

Dale Turner: Hole Notes (October 2011)

In the October edition of "Hole Notes," Dale Turner is your guide to the infectious, intricate fingerstyle patterns of the late, great Elliot Smith.

Dale Turner: Hole Notes (September 2011) Video

In the latest edition of "Hole Notes," Dale Turner explores Al Di Meolo's "lickety-split" Latin strumming rhythms.

Dale Turner: Hole Notes (August 2011) Video

In the August edition of "Hole Notes," Dale Turner takes a look at the "acoustic thrash" techniques of the late Michael Hedges.

Five's Company: Pentatonic-Based Accompaniment Parts

The pentatonic scale most definitely has a place in the lead arsenal of any guitar player, but does it have a role in rhythm work? Clearly, as heard from players like Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, John Frusciante, and Tom Morello, among others, it does. In fact, regardless of your style, there’s a wealth of single-note riffs, double-stop moves, and chordal embellishments lurking within the scale. Squeeze these sounds between the cracks of basic chord shapes and you’re instantly a more interesting rhythm player.

Dale Turner: Hole Notes - June 2011

Dale Turner shows you how to play all of the examples from the June edition of his Guitar World Column, "Hole Notes."