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Kustom HV65 combo

THE KUSTOM HV is not just versatile but also responsive and full of great tone. With 65 watts of solid-state power, it can produce its entire sonic range at reasonable volume for stage and studio.


Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

Boss' BR-600 is a very functional recording studio encompassed in a package about the size of a portable DVD player.

Peavey HP Signature USA Custom Electric Guitar

Well made and nicely appointed, the Peavey HP Signature USA is a professional’s instrument.

Vox DA5 Portable Digital Amp

You gotta love a digital guitar amp that weighs less than a laptop and runs on batteries.

RKS Dark Star Hollowbody Electric Guitar

It’s not often a guitar is written about in magazines like Popular Science and Business Week and PlasticsNews.com.

Epiphone Valve Standard DSP Combo Amp

Good things come in small, inexpensive packages