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Jet City Amplification JCA100H Head

The JCA100H's touch-sensitive punch, Brit-style midrange thrust and healthy low-end presence culminate in distinctive tones.


Blackstar Series One 200 Head

This mega-amp delivers a whopping 200 watts of potential output power with as much finesse as brawn.


DigiTech JamMan Solo Looper/Phrase Sampler Pedal

This pedal is perfect for writing complex, layered guitar lines, looping polyrhythmic phrases, and playing along with your favorite tracks.


Jackson X Series Phil Demmel PDX Demmelition King V and Mark Morton Dominion D2

Jackson's X Series Phil Demmel PDX Demmelition King V and Mark Morton Dominion D2 are affordable options for fans of the original Dominion and Demmelition guitars.


Graph Tech ResoMax NV Harmonic Bridge System and TUSQ XL Nuts

Graph Tech’s ResoMax bridges are a simple and cost-effective improvement for almost any Tune-o-matic bridge.


Trayser Sherman Robertson Signature Electric Guitar

Trayser’s new model is built to suit the blues guitarist’s need for power, woody response and sparkling treble highlights.


Peavey 6534+ Head and 430 4x12 Cab

The 6534+’S EL34 power section takes this amp design to a stimulating new level of usability.


Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Custom and Solo-6 Standard

These instruments’ ergonomic bodies, classy looks, high-end components and silky-smooth playability leave no room for criticism.


Orange Crush PiX CR35LDX Combo

The 35-watt Crush PiX CR35LDX combo is the heavyweight of the new PiX line, with searing overdrive abilities and a beautifully integrated built-in digital effect section.


Godin Signature Series Summit CT

Godin's Summit CT is an interesting and versatile electric solidbody.