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Kustom Double Cross Head

Despite the Double Cross' very versatile clean channel, the amp is best suited for delivering overwhelming levels of gain and distortion.


Seymour Duncan Mick Thomson Signature Blackout Pickups

The new EMTY AHB-3 Blackouts are ideal for the metal guitarist who detunes or uses especially heavy strings.


FloydUpgrades.com Brass “Big Block” and Titanium Sustain Blocks

FloydUpgrades.com's brass and titanium replacement sustain blocks can help a great guitar generate exotic sustaining and resonant tones, and will noticeably improve the performance and sound of even an average guitar.


Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo

The 60-watt 6505+ 112 combo may be the most versatile of the 6505 Series by way of its thick low end, scooped mids, note clarity and portable size.

Prestige Classic.jpg

Prestige Classic Electric Guitar

The Prestige's Classic is one of the most interesting and playable adaptations of the singlecut mahogany theme.


Charvel Guitars: Built For Speed

How a small California guitar parts and repair facility kick-started the guitar custom shop revolution.


Epiphone Explorer-GT and Special II-GT

With slim-tapered maple necks, thin mahogany bodies and specially designed humbuckers, the Explorer-GT and Special II-GT are exciting guitars for players across the spectrum, from jazz and blues to metal.


Carvin California Single CS6

Carvin's California Single CS6 is one of the most attractive bargains in the high-end guitar market.


Blackheart Engineering BH100H Hothead 100 and 412SL Half Stack

Blackheart's Hothead 100 offers an absurd number of useable and satisfying British-inspired gain and response styles by way of Class A and AB power alongside pentode or triode tube utilization.


PRS SE Torero

Paul Reed Smith's SE Torero marries PRS’s slick playability with active EMG pickups, a double-locking Floyd Rose bridge and rock-hard neck woods.