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Jet City.jpg

Jet City JCA20H

Jet City Amplification and Mike Soldano can be very proud of this stellar amplifier, with its organic and detailed sounds.

Petrucci pickups.jpg

DiMarzio DP228 Crunch Lab and DP227 LiquiFire John Petrucci Humbuckers

The tones produced by DiMarzio’s John Petrucci–inspired Crunch Lab and LiquiFire pickups are musical, harmonically deep and well defined.


Sterling by Music Man AX40 and AX20 Guitars

Sterling Ball's AX Series sets a high standard for performance and tone from a budget instrument.


Visual Sound Open Road Overdrive and Truetone Clean Boost pedals

Visual Sound's Open Road Overdrive and Truetone Clean Boost pedals are ideal for guitarists who play rock, blues, hard rock and even jazz.

Victoria Amp.jpg

Victoria Golden Melody 2x12 Combo

The Golden Melody’s ability to amplify fine details and treat notes with wondrous reverb and tremolo places this amp alongside a handful of history’s elite boutique designs.


Marshall MG50FX 1x12 Combo

All the hallmarks of a great Marshall’s tone are in this amp.


Fender Band-Master VM Head and Cabinet

Fender's latest Band-Master recreates all of the best tones from the past with improved, modern gain and effects.

emg x.jpg

EMG X Series 81X and 85X Pickups

If you love EMG sounds but want more control over output and response, the X Series is for you.


Peavey PXD Series Void III

Peavey's Void III gives true metallists everything they could ever want in a guitar.


EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar

In the Wolfgang, custom-made parts and years of testing have combined to create something amazing.