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Paul Reed Smith Mira X

Paul Reed Smith's Mira X has the flawless playability that Mira fans adore and a neo-vintage voice that we’ve never heard from a PRS guitar.


Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 and Kiko Loureiro Signature Wahs

Guitar World gives you the heads up on Morley's newest signature wah pedals from George Lynch and Kiko Loureiro.


Orange Dual Terror Head

If you loved the Tiny Terror but want more power and the ability to switch between rhythm and lead settings, the Orange Dual Terror will be your new best friend.


Charvel So-Cal and San Dimas Electric Guitars

These axes will satisfy shredders of all ages, from players for whom the Charvel name is just a legend to—especially—those who have experience playing the originals.


ENGL Special Edition E 670 Amplifier

ENGL's special edition is one of the few flagship amps that really delivers on the promise of ultimate tonal and feature flexibility.


Orange Amplifiers Limited-Edition OR50 Amplifier

Orange's limited edition OR50 is a fitting and modern tribute to company’s 40th anniversary and the “Pics Only” amp that made Orange a household name.


Jackson Demmelition King V Electric Guitar

Guitarists who want an extreme machine to deliver the ultimate heavy tones need look no further than Jackson’s Demmelition Phil Demmel signature guitar.


Rocktron Banshee 2 Amplified Talk Box

Rocktron's Banshee 2 is a flexible and well-executed expansion of the classic talk box effect.


Prestige Heritage Hollow Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Prestige's Heritage Hollow is a visually striking instrument, to say the least, with plenty of shell-born bling.


Walden Natura Series D710 Acoustic Guitar

The Walden D710 sets the standard for bargain acoustics and embarrasses many guitars at three times the price.