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Session Guitar: Musicians Are in the Service Industry

We, as musicians, are in the service industry. When most people think of the service industry, they think of waiters, housekeepers, etc. But we are all in the service industry! First and foremost, we must be of service to ourselves! You cannot give your best to others till you have given your best to yourself. Have you truly been honest with yourself?

Session Guitar Review: EJC Custom Pedals and Guitarworks '41 Willys Distortion Pedal — Video

The car looks fantastic. I chose a '41 Willys in the same color as the car I drive, metallic orange (I like Halloween). The car doesn't simply sit there and do nothing. To add to the cool factor, the engine lights up on either side when the pedal is engaged, along with the headlights.

Session Guitar: Setting Up Your Recording Studio for Maximum Efficiency and Creativity

I'm gonna get right to it today with two words: ergonomics and templates. Ergonomics is how my gear is setup around me in the studio — for minimum movement. Can I reach everything from my seated position in the sweet spot of the control room? Templates are how I set my gear for maximum usage and flexibility, where sound is concerned.

Session Guitar: Another Day in the Studio

Two country songs are in need of solos and ear candy. Earlier, I had done the basic tracks with acoustic guitars, and now the vocals have been added. I like to hear the vocals before soloing; it's always nice to know the song's emotion. That way, if it's a hatred thing, I can solo nasty! Or if it's a love song, I can be sweet and tender.

Session Guitar: How to Create Professional-Sounding Tracks at Home

Every producer has his or her secrets. Some use gear, like a certain mic or pre or vintage amp to get a signature sound. Sometimes it's studio trickery. I just like to think of it as being in control of the studio space and the tools at hand. Sometimes the most obvious tracking methods are overlooked by the casual observer. Here are some of those tips. I guarantee a better sound by applying these simple methods.

Session Guitar: It's Career Re-Evaluation Time!

My recording schedule has been all over the map for the past few months, so sorry for my absence here on GuitarWorld.com! I've been doing marathon sessions to try and complete all of my current and past obligations. I'm cutting back on my studio work to make time for my own musical projects. I still love session work, but it's good to re-evaluate priorities every once in a while.

Session Guitar: It's All About Relationships

When you've "been there" for a person for 100-plus songs spread out over various incarnations of solo and band projects, well, let's just say friendships are born. The session world isn't really about making money through music. It's mainly about relationships — how well can you understand the needs of the artist and help fill the vision they have of their art.

Session Guitar: How to Overcome Nerves in the Studio

If you're like me, you get nervous before a session. I still do. I've even sought help from professionals. I'm not ashamed of my nerves. We all get them. It's how you use them and deal with them that's important. I don't drink or take drugs. I get by with a few basic skills I've picked up throughout my career. Maybe this will help you relax a bit.

Session Guitar: Demos of Three Common Studio Microphone Varieties — Large Diaphragm Condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon

For this demo I chose a Shure SM57. This is a dynamic mic and very common in the music world. I also chose a large diaphragm condenser mic; one of my favorites is the Neumann TLM193. Finally, I went with a ribbon mic, the Royer R-121. I mic'd up a Marshall 1960B cabinet. The head used is a Line 6 DT25. The guitar is a JTV-89.

Session Guitar: Need to Come Up with a Solo? Put Down the Guitar and Visualize — or Sing — a Solo

Many of us are guilty of playing the same pentatonic licks all the time. They might have a certain amount of emotion but very little in terms of creativity. Hear me out. When we just play, we are able to put a ton of feeling in that typical whole step bend from a G to an A on the B string, but how much thought goes into it? None.