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TEAM* Share Two Acoustic Videos from 'Good Morning Bad Day' — Exclusive Premiere

Here are a couple of cool acoustic videos from TEAM*, as they explore a more naked version of these two tunes. “Say My Name” and “I’m Just Like You (When You Turn Out The Lights)” both appear on the band’s new album, Good Morning Bad Day. Here are their exclusive acoustic takes on these songs.

David Bronson's "Songbird" — Exclusive Song Premiere

Here’s a track from NYC-based songwriter David Bronson. It’s “Songbird,” the lead-off track and first single from his upcoming album Questions (1/13/2015, Big Arc Records.)

The Stray Birds 'Best Medicine' — New Album Review

Mark your calendar for some fresh acoustic musical delights releasing October 21. I'm talking about The Stray Birds new release Best Medicine out on Yep Roc Records. Chock full of story-filled lyrics and smart harmonies, interwoven with wonderfully separated string lines and strums, this album offers some heartfelt creativity.

The Future Laureates "Sinners and Saints" Live Acoustic Video — Exclusive Premiere

When a song gets stripped down to its basic elements, you can tell its true genius. And that’s what comes to mind with this live acoustic version of “Sinners and Saints” by Chicago pop-folk-rock group, The Future Laureates.

Michael Sackler-Berner’s “Midnight Crisis” — Exclusive Song Premiere

Today we’re pleased to bring you a western-tinged track from Michael Sackler-Berner. It’s “Midnight Crisis” the b-side of the first release in a series of digital 45s (with both a- and b-sides), which will culminate in Michael Sackler-Berner’s double EP release due out February 11th, 2015. This song perfectly expresses that feeling of desperate realization that things just are not gonna go as planned.

Dream Guitars — Ten Exceptional Guitars You Wish You Owned

There’s nothing quite like a really fine instrument. You touch it and it responds almost with a magnetism that draws you in. You play it and it’s as if everything you know and love about guitar comes into sharp focus. Here, to add to your yearning, are ten beautifully made guitars. Each worthy of your next daydream.

10 Top Players Share Their Guitar Backstories — From the Archives

We all have to start somewhere. From that first secondhand guitar to superstar…it doesn’t happen overnight. Here some great players share the stories of their humble beginnings and their musical influences.

Happy Birthday Acoustic Nation — Celebrating Year One!

Happy birthday to us! That’s right, today we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of AcousticNation.com, Guitar World’s channel for the contemporary acoustic music world. And what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at some of my favorite highlights of that year.

Ten Easy Acoustic Guitar Power Ballads

Who doesn’t like a power ballad, that soft underbelly of a hard rocker, rarely seen in the light of day? You’ve probably heard the story…the power ballad is often the biggest hit for heavier bands, opening their music up to the love-song loving masses.

Emilyn Brodsy's "Scaffolding" — Exclusive Song Premiere

Here’s some quirky fun from New York’s Emilyn Brodsky. It’s “Scaffolding” from her new album Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings, which releases tomorrow, September 23, 2014. This rhythmic tune showcases her introspective lyrics and starkly croonalicious vocals.