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Phillip Phillips at the Best Buy Theater NYC — Show Review

When I walked into the Best Buy Theater tonight to see American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, I expected some nicely written, straight ahead strummy pop. Boy was I wrong

Review: The Eastman E20SS Slope Shoulder Acoustic Guitar

It isn’t every day I get to sit down and play a beautiful instrument like the Eastman E20SS acoustic guitar. Well, okay, maybe it IS every day. But I’ve enjoyed in immensely nonetheless! Here I have a bit of fun sharing a quick overview and then playing an original song called, “It Won’t Matter.”

Eliot Bronson’s “Comin’ For Ya North Georgia Blues” – Exclusive Premiere

I’m listening to Eliot Bronson’s “Comin’ For Ya North Georgia Blues” late at night in my dimly lit living room. Perhaps not the best setting for this rollicking eye opener. Bronson knows how to deliver some fantastically fun music with solid arrangements and clever lyrics. But he can also produce that magic that pulls all of these elements into a brilliant barn burner of a track.

10 Reasons Why Today’s Music Industry Doesn’t Suck

There have been a ton of articles and posts published lately about the dire straits of the music industry. And most of them have several good points. But is it all woefully bad? Should we just throw in the towel? If you think so, then just move along and let someone else read this article.

Aryk Crowder’s ‘2x4 Vol. 1’ — Exclusive EP Stream Preview

Due out on September 9, 2x4 is a collection of four lush and gorgeous songs featuring simple rhythms, finger snaps, and clear and ringing acoustic guitar instrumentation. But the star of the show is Crowder’s smoky tone and silky delivery.

Raul Midón's "Don't Hesitate" - Exclusive Premiere

Today I’m excited to share the track “Don’t Hesitate,” the title track from Raul Midón’s new album, slated for release September 30. With fun and funky rhythmic elements and a kickin’ organ, the song delivers a message of unity. “When it comes to needing love we’re all the same.”

Play It Now: Matt Nathanson Teaches us How to Play "Mission Bells"

In this segment of our exclusive Acoustic Nation Play It Now video series, hit singer songwriter Matt Nathanson teaches me, and YOU, how to play his latest single, “Mission Bells.” The track appears on his new album, The Last of the Great Pretenders. Nathanson, and his guitar player Aaron Tap, run through the riff, verse and chorus arrangements for what is basically a fun to play three-chord song.

Katie Buchanan’s ‘Go’ - Review

I recently had the pleasure of previewing singer/songwriter Katie Buchanan’s new EP, Go!. This electic mix of emotionally energetic songs showcases her lovely, Kate Bush-esque voice to a T.

Acoustic Autumn: Ten Tours You Should See in 2014

Noooo! It can't be! Summer is just about over. But here's something to help ease you into autumn. Here we present ten great live acoustic tours that will be sure to warm your musical heart as the leaves change color. Are you looking for a raucous good time, or a meaningful musical moment? There's something here for everyone, I assure you!

Ten Easy Acoustic Guitar Classic Rock Songs

Although all of these classic songs may not have been originally recorded on acoustic, they all are perfect for an acoustic jam. These aren’t ranked in any order, just ten great songs that are super easy to play. Even if you can’t master the iconic riffs that are part of most of these, they’re all great to add to your fun strumming repertoire.