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Guitar Mods: Hot Rodding an Early '80s Squier Telecaster, Part 2

I'm modifying an early-'80s ash-bodied Squire Telecaster that is all original and in very clean condition. Its appointments include a 21-fret maple neck, vintage-style bridge and pickups and Fender Japan branded sealed gear tuners.

Guitar Mods: Hot Rodding an Early '80s Squier Telecaster, Part 1

One of my favorite jobs is modifying a players’ favorite old buddy. Maybe it’s their first guitar or the one they received as a special gift. Frequently, the instrument in question is not of the finest components. Always, though, there exists an emotional connection. This guitar is one the owner would never consider liquidating.

Need to Build a Functional DIY Pedalboard? Do Some Dumpster Diving

I build and repair guitars and basses professionally, and I’ve also played guitar in a number of bands over the years. If your instrument is difficult to play or you want to hotrod your favorite guitar, this is where I can help. And from time to time, I will be sharing tips for getting the sound that you want to hear out of your gear or alerting you to new toys that I find irresistible.

An 'Up Close' Gear Tour with Eric Johnson in Minneapolis

Ah, the quest for tone. I imagine that sooner or later, every musician desires to possess a sound that flows with the sweet feeling of inspiration. Eric Johnson is a long-tenured seeker who has certainly reaped the sonic rewards of his efforts. He recently took a moment with me to discuss the gear he is using as he tours in support of his 2010 release, Up Close.