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The 10 Coolest Bands Created by Hollywood

The following gallery shows the best rock music that Tinseltown has managed to create—in some cases with chart-topping success.

Hole's Patty Schemel and Eric Erlandson Discuss Addiction and New Documentary, 'Hit So Hard'

Nothing affects the raw power of a legendary guitarist like a strong percussionist. Kurt Cobain knew this well and sought out a young woman he felt would be the perfect addition to his band, Nirvana.

Back In Black: 50 of Music’s Most Influential Black Rockers, Part 2

In observance of Black History Month, I've compiled a list of some of music’s true pioneers: the black men and women who helped create, shape and innovate rock music’s ever-changing landscape. Although I've chosen 50 artists in all, I started off with the first 25 last week (numbers 50 to 26) -- and the remaining 25 are presented in the photo gallery below.

Back In Black: 50 of Music’s Most Influential Black Rockers, Part 1

In observance of Black History Month, blogger Ebony March has compiled a list of music’s true pioneers: the men and women who helped create, shape and innovate rock music’s changing landscape.

Alexandra and the Starlight Band: Grace Slick, Meet Your 21st-Century Upgrade

Artists like Kings of Leon, Red Kross, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings -- and The Black Keys -- each imbibe the glory of their idols. But there’s one band that immerses itself in the tastes of yesteryear peppered with its own uncompromising spin on classic rock soul and bluesy Southern rhythms. That group is Alexandra and the Starlight Band.

15 Genius Contemporary Cross-Genre Covers

Here are 15 genius contemporary cross-genre covers, from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Avril Lavigne to Sonic Youth and Johnny Cash.

Interview: Norwood Fisher Discusses the New Fishbone Documentary, 'Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone'

Every so often, a band bursts onto the scene like the perfect storm. When conditions are right, lives will forever be changed and said band will — pardon the expression — fuck your shit up. This is what happened when Fishbone hit the scene during the early 1980s. Equipped with an arsenal of influences ranging from punk music to soul and funk, six black teenagers from Los Angeles (Angelo Moore, Norwood Fisher, Phillip “Fish” Fisher, Chris Dowd, Walter Kibby II and Kendall Jones) would carve a niche for themselves within the largely homogenized world of rock.

Interview: Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes on His New Project, Boots Electric, and Album, 'Honkey Kong'

Jesse Hughes embodies the full scope of rock ’n’ roll: His career is crafted on a tasty recipe of three parts skill and one part dick-swinging madman antics. The Eagles of Death Metal frontman has jumped headlong into a sexy and audacious new project called Boots Electric. The band is a funky, post-modern nod to funk pioneers George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, but also pays homage to classic rockers such as Led Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Interview: Guitarists John Laux and Adam Carroll of Warbringer

Rock music has always been comprised of two factions: architects and heroes. The architects lay the foundation and develop a sound that will be emulated by others for years to follow. The heroes, on the other hand, step in and grab all the glory. They do it with style, talent and reverence to those who came before them. Thankfully, thrash metal has its latest hybrid of these two phenomena: Warbringer.