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Exotic Techniques: Reverse Pedal Point Technique

In this lesson, I will demonstrate an interesting method of utilizing your index finger on your picking hand, which is traditionally used for two-handed tapping. The tablature shows a descending legato run in the key of A natural minor comprised of groupings of eight notes. There are no picked notes whatsoever here, just unassisted hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Exotic Techniques: Unassisted Tapped Arpeggios Lesson

In this lesson, we will go over two unique voicings of tapped arpeggios that, once mastered, will open other creative doorways for you to expand upon this approach and apply it to other avenues of your playing. These arpeggios are demonstrated here in groupings of four. Like most of my licks that require unassisted hammer-ons, a string dampener would be recommended here.

Exotic Techniques: Chromatic Blues Shred Pattern Lesson

In this lesson, we are going to learn a chromatic pattern that will allow you to shred over blues, country and any other scenario that could call for a major pentatonic sound. It works over major and dominant chords, particularly around I-IV-V scenarios and other similar progressions.

Exotic Techniques: Multi-Finger Tapping Lesson

Here's a technique I use that also helps me break out of a "guitar" sound and allows me to groove with an electronic four-to-the-floor dance groove. It basically consists of executing octaves with unassisted hammer-ons using your fret hand while tapping the first, third, and fifth string using the ring, middle and index finger of your right hand.

Exotic Techniques: Tap/Slide Style Three-Note Groupings

In this lesson, we go back to a previous lesson's technique of using tapping in combination with slides, hammer-ons and unassisted hammer-ons to generate speed and create a very fluid, "bubbly" type of sound. What I like most about this technique is that it is a very easy method of pulling off fast licks without requiring much dexterity from all the fingers of the fretting hand.

Exotic Techniques: Eight-Finger Tapping

Eight-finger tapping has been pretty popular lately. There's been so much talk about it that I've decided to do a lesson based on a relatively simple Cmaj7 arpeggio using this technique.

Exotic Techniques: Techno Arpeggios for Dance Music and Beyond

Here's a technique I use that helps me groove with an electronic four-to-the-floor dance groove. It's also is reminiscent of the "arpeggiator" plug-ins you hear in modern dance music, electronic music and even modern pop music like Pink, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lady Gaga and other well-known artists.

Exotic Techniques: Cyamak's Tap/Slide-Style Four-Note Groupings

Here is a technique I have found to be quite useful in my repertoire because it allows me to fire off fast technical passages without having to be warmed up. It consists of using a combination of unassisted hammer-ons, slides and tapping to execute relatively quick licks and runs. While "shredding" tends to traditionally require all of your fingers working rapidly to produce a steady flow of notes, this technique allows you to use only a couple at a time.

Exotic Techniques: Tapped String Skipping Arpeggios

Here's an easy way to pull off some very fast and exotic arpeggios without even breaking a sweat. My entire approach to playing has always been making things easy, and I love licks that sound way harder than they really are. I like to think of it as working smarter, not harder.